I found my way into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2005. I haven't picked up a drink since.

You'd think that I'd have everything figured out in all those years of not drinking, wouldn't you? I know I would've thought that as a newcomer. Well, I haven't, but something must be working for me to have not picked up a drink in all that time.

I started documenting my journey into sobriety a few years ago, but I was never consistent with it. If I was feeling confident and upbeat, I'd create. If I wasn’t, I wouldn't. The problems that plague all creators—creative blocks, self-doubt, low self-esteem, impostor syndrome—would all lead to my self-harming through means other than alcohol. I was destroying relationships through being unkind and selfish, bingeing TV shows, judging everyone, ignoring my family, and the most harmful of all, bingeing on sugar. As a person with diabetes, this was a big one, and it’s still my biggest challenge.

The pandemic was a bit of a blessing for me because it was during that time that I joined some online communities for content creators. They helped me move toward a growth mindset and build the systems that keep me going through the low moments. I'm doing this through building good habits such as writing morning pages, taking my Basset Hound up a steep hill, and meditating.

My good habits are unlocking my creativity, which leads to making content that helps me to be a more loving man, loving both myself and others.

If I had one wish for my content, it would be that it helps you. So comments like this one are gold.

(comment taken from this video marking 6000 days)

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