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Government Cheese

It's time to start doing what I always say I want to do.

Okay, I've just started listening to Steven Pressfield's book, Government Cheese. After five mins, I'm inspired to sit down and write a few words. Here is a guy who didn't write until his 70s. At least that's how I remember it going down on the Rich Roll podcast episodes that I've listened to.

Why am I not writing? That's what's springing to mind. I want to write. I keep saying that, and I keep not writing. Well, other than to write my Morning Pages, and I'm telling myself that that still counts as writing. Because it is, right?

But memoirs? Alcoholism and autism? Learning about wokism? Finding myself in this difficult world? What's the quote from ... is it Utopia? I can see John Cusack's face. Yes. It is this:

What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?

Why am not writing more? That's a very good question.