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My Love of Acoustic Guitar Music

My love of acoustic guitar music is still there. Tony McManus proved that today.
My Love of Acoustic Guitar Music

I did my morning meditation today listening to Tony McManus. I had intended to take my headphones off and move to the sofa and listen to the birdsong coming through the open window, just as I did yesterday, but Tony's music, you know?

This is day 2 of my mediation practice. What I discovered was that my love of steel-string acoustic guitar music is as strong as it ever was. I can't tell you how good it feels to know that. I have been piling layers of busyness on top of my spirit of late, but now I'm getting glimpses of it through a simple 10-minute meditation practice.

D'you know what happened? Time folded. Yes, really! Just like space folds in Dune. I became aware of the very first time I heard Tony's music, back in Luxembourg in 2001, when a work colleague and friend called Leo lent me Tony's first record. That gesture on Leo's part changed my life.

That feeling of folding time, of connecting to a different moment, of listening to the nuances of the music, it's so powerful. I'm so excited to explore this each day.  

I didn't go into this week intending to start a daily meditation practice. It just kinda happened. And I'm going with it.

Guitar Video

Here's a video I was inspired to make talking about how important music and guitar playing are to me. Hope you enjoy it!