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Morning Pages | 1 February 2023

Two years of content and not a bean to show for it.
Morning Pages | 1 February 2023

I know I said I didn't publish yesterday, but I ended up putting it up as a paywalled post, so if you want to read it, it's there for paid subscribers. I'm still kind of navigating that line between vulnerability and over-sharing. The paywall feature helps with that a bit and lets me be more open in my writing.

I'm in a pretty dark place right now and wondering what I'm doing. Is it really helpful?

But then there's the habit thing, right? — the idea that consistency is a tool to beat second-guessing and self-doubt. If I thought it was a good idea last week but not this week, the only thing that's changed is my mood, not the thing itself. So, here it is, the thing itself. I don't know if I'm being courageous or dumb. I guess I'll leave that up to you to decide.

The last line of today's pages reads:

So, dear reader, if my example helps you, please at least consider a paid subscription!

It's a bit desperate sounding, I know. But then we are a bit desperate!

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