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Morning Pages | 1 February 2024

Live a little harder.
Morning Pages | 1 February 2024

I got some bad news today that an old army friend died of cancer. We went through training together in the early 90s. I started out writing about how I was feeling, and somehow ended up writing about fantasy novels. That's how the Pages work!

Rest in Peace, my friend. – A photo I took at the reunion in 2021. 

I live-streamed via Patreon by way of iterating on yesterday's failed attempt. Then, it dawned on me that I'd done this experiment before. Why did I quit the last time? I can't actually remember. Was it the pendulum of mood swings? Creative ideas can seem good when I'm up and not good when I'm down. But really, my mood has no bearing on that. It's experimentation and results that have a bearing on how good an idea is. Always be experimenting. That's the advice I got this morning when the YouTube algorithm cleverly showed me a video from Diary of a CEO's Behind the Diary channel.

Anyway, here's the live stream.

I was already feeling a bit fixed-mindsetty after watching that Behind the Diary video—who am I? I can't match that guy. I'm tired. I could never... You know? That kind of thing. But after writing, that feeling had pretty much gone. That's the power of a daily writing habit. Maybe what I'm doing will never work financially, but it's working healthfully. And there might be people who are looking at what I'm doing and thinking, "Damn. He's really showing up consistently and seems comfortable in his own skin. Maybe I could do that too." I hope so.  


Pelikan M600 Broad with Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki Ink

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