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Morning Pages | 10 December 2023

I would like to stop doom-scrolling, please.
Morning Pages | 10 December 2023

I'm writing this to stop me from doom-scrolling on Facebook. Why do I keep doing that? Just look at my shelf of unread books, for God's sake! What I should do is have the Kindle app open on my desktop. At least then, I can dip into Rick Rubin's book, The Creative Act. What is wrong with me?

One of my favourite writers on Substack put out a post this week about what finally led her to quit Instagram. She acknowledges unequivocally that social media is an addiction. I feel that every time I find myself scrolling meaningless pish, filling the void with content that has no value whatsoever. I'd dearly love to replace that time with something more meaningful.

Here's Dana's post here: I Finally Quit Instagram

Anyway, here are today's pages, which somehow include an anti-Christmas rant. I thought selling my post office in October 2019 would have led me to stop hating December so much. And maybe it has. But I still really don't care for it. I want to change that—not to embrace all the consumerism pish, but to accept what is, to open my heart to how things are.

This morning's walk with Clover in the rain was full of meaning and purpose. I really didn’t want to go because of how dark, wet and cold it was, but now that I think back on it and compare it with how I feel after half an hour on Facebook, I can see the stark difference between the two activities in how they affect my mood. So, no more Facebook for me today. Books, guitar, and some work are the meaningful things I will do today.