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Morning Pages | 11 January 2023

Thinking about energy peaks and troughs
Morning Pages | 11 January 2023

DayOne Text from Yesterday

I'm noticing that the afternoons are hard for me. I hit another low this afternoon and now it's totally passed, but it was pretty deep and sent me off to lie in bed and read The Redeemer instead of going swimming — which I kinda wish I'd done — or writing, or making a GMT video, or playing guitar, or making soup — which I'm in the middle of doing right now.
I'm not sure what it's all about. Is it because I get so tired? Is it that it never stops raining and I've not managed to get outside today? Could I plan my day around that slump somehow? Maybe make 3pm my swimming time or something? But then today I could've done that but deliberately waited until Lorraine had gone out and Hamish had gone out so I could go and lie in bed and read my book and nap.