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Morning Pages | 12 February 2024

Databases and stats motivate me.

I'm on a rescue mission. Willow, the Bengal cat, brought in a vole, and it's now in the living room with me. It's hale and hearty, and Willow's now shut out of the room. I'm just waiting for it to appear for a long enough time to let me rescue it with the plastic lid for the microwave. I hope to have good news for you all the next time I write!


Cross ATX with CultPens Deep Dark Blue


I did a public livestream of today's writing rather than the Patreon route. Nobody showed up, but that's okay. I have only six followers on Patreon, so it's pretty dumb to be streaming it only for Patrons. According to this guy, Patreon's in trouble. Anyway, here's my stream. If you'd like to join me sometime, let me know or subscribe to my YouTube channel, and you should get a notification.