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Morning Pages | 16 December 2023

Guitar, book, movie, tea ... do days GET any better?
Morning Pages | 16 December 2023

A cheeky bonus day at home. My writing today is very much just a diary entry; no earth-shattering revelations or anything like that, but it illustrates the point of cultivating a habit. It's the routine that makes incremental differences, and so here I am, doing the work of taking personal inventory, slowing down and enjoying the process of writing with a fountain pen – splodges and all!


TWSBI Precision F fountain pen with CultPens Deep Dark Blue ink. 


The page on my screen in the thumbnail for this post is a newsletter by my friend, Russell Smith. It's called Solvitur Ambulando, and the article on my screen is titled Holding Steady. In the article, Russell writes about preparing for and going through a series of medical tests to monitor his congenital heart condition. I love Russell's writing, so I thought I would share the article here, in case any of my readers would care to check it out: Holding Steady.