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Morning Pages | 19 July 2023

I have to be careful that I keep compassion as my guide.
Morning Pages | 19 July 2023

Now that I've written these pages, I'm not entirely happy with how I expressed myself. But I try to let the thoughts flow in the moment and perhaps learn something about what I think. Then I can address how my thoughts, as they reveal themselves, make me feel.

It's another paywalled post today, because I'm navigating tricky personal waters that involve family members and I want to be respectful of their privacy.  

This post also marks the end of my Pebble Stationery Co. notebook with Tomoe River paper. It's been an absolute joy to write in. New notebook tomorrow! I hope I like it, cos the Pebble Stationery Co. ones are no longer in stock at Nero's Notes.