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Morning Pages | 20 November 2023

Feeling refreshed after a week of travelling? Well, that's a surprise!
Morning Pages | 20 November 2023

It was a week of travel, family connection, birth, death, conversations with friends and a break away from home. As the week approached, I felt apprehensive about being away for so long. My natural inclination is to be home—safe, secure and comfortable. But, in reality, getting out there and dealing with obligations and commitments, doing the right thing - it's what living's all about. And so, I shouldn't be surprised that I'm feeling refreshed this week, like I've had a holiday.

It's made me feel strong enough to deal with the challenges I'm facing, including one that I wrote about in my pages over the weekend. I've posted those pages behind the paywall in case you're interested in reading about the issue and how I'm using the tools of AA and Freemasonry to deal with it.

I wish you all a good week. If you're in recovery, keep it going! And if you're struggling, try just one day off it. Or one hour. Then add another one. You've got this!


Pen: Cross ATX with Pelikan Edelstein Apatite Ink

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