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Morning Pages | 22 May 2024

Classic literature is so relatable.
Morning Pages | 22 May 2024

It was a nice, slow, writerly start outside that was soon spoiled by the midges. Ugh. That's the first time that's happened this year. We take what we get. Acceptance is the key.

And the books? It's so weird but that feeling of overwhelm keeps trying to, well, overwhelm me. Wait... is that a noun and a verb? No, Cams. It isn't. What's the noun, then? Overwhelmedness? Hmmm. Anyone?

But yeah, I watch a lot of BookTube and every review that sounds good makes me think, 'Yep—I need to read that.' But like, when? So, I choose judiciously and remind myself that reading is one of life's greatest pleasures. And I can't possibly read all the books. Not only are there already too many, but they keep bringing out new ones!

Waldmann Eldelfeder Broad with Edelstein Golden Lapis