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Morning Pages | 24 November 2023

Bringing the punk ethos into my creative output.
Morning Pages | 24 November 2023

This was a good writing session that led me to make a decision about my new podcast that I've been wanting to launch for a while. I hope to make some progress on it and launch in a couple of weeks. Excited!

It's all come about on the back of listening to Andrew Huberman on Rick Rubin's podcast, Tetragrammaton. Huberman talked about the punk ethic from his days as a skater in the late 80s/early 90s and how he translated that into becoming a scientist and an educator. I can relate to his origin story as a skater punk, having skated a bit myself. BMX was more my thing, but the ethos was the same. I still miss it, but rather than feel regret at how my climbing accident in 1989 put paid to my BMXing days, I see now that I can apply that ethos to my creative output. I never really saw it that way before, so thank you, Andrew Huberman!  

Street riding in Livingston