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Morning Pages | 26 December 2023

Starting from today - no more wallowing!
Morning Pages | 26 December 2023

Merry Christmas to all my readers! I do write in my pages that my dislike of Christmas seems to be getting worse, but I can still wish you all a Merry Christmas and mean it. I hope you all had a lovely day.

If I think about it, mine was actually not as terrible as I thought it was when I was writing my pages. I should always keep in mind that I didn't drink any alcohol or take any pills. That's ALWAYS a win. And so what if I ate lots of rubbish and ended up with a blood glucose reading of over 13? But actually, yeah, that's not good. I can tell myself the lie that it's okay because it's Christmas, but it's really not, is it? I bought an individual Christmas Pudding because I've always loved it, but it's just dumb, isn't it? And so I fell for the Christmas marketing machine that's the real cause of why I hate this time of year so much. I did. Hook, line and sinker. And now my blood glucose is over 13. I need to do better.

Okay, I have today. Let's do better today. I can do that. Yes, I can. Sugar is the killer, and I've got Tom Bilyeu in my head most days. Why bother listening to Tom if I'm not going to ACT?


Waldmann Edelfeder Broad with Diamine Bilberry
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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