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Morning Pages | 28 November 2023

Stoic wisdom and the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous are a good combination.
Morning Pages | 28 November 2023

I'm late posting today because I had to go to a funeral. Or, more accurately, because I didn't get up in time to write and post before going to the funeral.

It's good to be playing guitar again. I must remember that and do all I can not to let it slip again.

I'm applying stoic wisdom to guide me in handling what the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous might refer to as situations that used to baffle us. The 11th promise claims that I will know how to handle these situations intuitively. Well, I don't know about that. Writing about them in my pages certainly helps, though - kind of like continuing to take personal inventory, which is precisely why I do it.

You can see for yourselves.

Waldmann Edelfeder broad with Diamine Bilberry ink