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Morning Pages | 29 December 2023

Be Playful
Morning Pages | 29 December 2023

Overthinking seems to be getting in the way of my new channel launch. It's something I would like to overcome and just get on with it, you know? Be Playful. What am I afraid of? Failure, I suppose. But if I enjoy making the content, isn't that success? The rest is beyond my control.

These are all things I know.

I sat watching Hamish playing the new Geometry Dash last night and chatting to him about the exact same issues. He did well with Geometry Dash content on YouTube before he reached the age of self-doubt. Isn't it sad that there even is a self-doubt age? And that once we reach it, it's a lifelong battle to overcome it? Why is that? Steven Pressfield knows. He calls it Resistance. So if I know this, which I do, why am I still falling foul of it?  


Pelikan M600 Broad with Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki ink