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Morning Pages | 5 May 2024

GROWTH mindset wins.
Morning Pages | 5 May 2024

It's a chilled Sunday morning after two stressful days of travelling. Calmac Ferries makes travelling anywhere stressful, so I'm having a nice Sunday morning at home with coffee and a fountain pen.

In my writing, I allude to a new Substack I've launched to host slow read-alongs of classic Russian literature. It's a passion project. It's also an example of leaping into the unknown and building my wings as I fall. It's both thrilling and scary.

The first novel we're reading is Crime and Punishment, so it's an evolution of my read-along on The StoryGraph. At seven weeks old, it's too late for the Substack to replace that, so they'll be running in tandem and I'll just see how it works out as I go. The link to the Substack is below, so have a look and think about whether you'd like to read a banger of the classic literature world. It basically starts from now and we're reading a chapter a week, taking us into February next year.  

Graf von Faber-Castell Bentley Fuller Broad with Diamine Aqua Lagoon