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Morning Pages | 9 April 2024

Why am I making crap like that?
Morning Pages | 9 April 2024

Am I getting closer to quitting on my marketing channel? It kind of feels that way. In a month's time, it'll be three years old. I'll do some numbers and see.

I haven't published in a few days – I have been writing, but it's been a bit too personal for public consumption. I'll put them in a gallery for paid subscribers so my biggest fans can follow along if you're of a mind to.

I'm trying out the Edelstein Apatite in my Pelikan M600 fountain pen because the orange ink I bought that pen for is finished. The shading of the Apatite really does not work well in any of my other pens, but it seems to work in this one. Can I deal with teal-coloured ink in a red pen? I'm not sure. It writes well, though.

Pelikan M600 broad tortoise-shell red fountain pen with Edelstein Apatite ink

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