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Morning Pages | 9 November 2023

Writing is helping me to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
Morning Pages | 9 November 2023

Today's was a writing session where I found focus. I'm feeling positive and I'm sure it's partly down to having to navigate the position of being Master of my Masonic Lodge. It comes with many challenges, which lead to personal development in various ways. Reading stoic wisdom also helps a lot, as does listening to podcasts from people like Tom Bilyeu, Rich Roll and Chris Williamson.

Yesterday, I wrote about discovering what my North Star is. I want to think more about how I might use that knowledge to guide me from my default fixed mindset to a growth mindset, from scarcity to abundance, from fear to fearlessness.

Writing these pages every day is the MOST helpful habit to get me closer to that goal. I can't even express how much it's moving me forward. My family is dealing with a tricky financial situation at the moment, so finding focus is paramount for me to work towards lifting us above the watermark. But so is a positive, growth mindset. My default mentality is that of victimhood, but that doesn't serve me or my family. So, by using good habits, I make incremental steps forward.

I've included links below to my YouTube channels that I mention in my pages.

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