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Music is Life

How I dealt with the darkness.
Music is Life

Does anyone else wake up in the mornings feeling darkness? I'm glad to say that it passes, usually after a couple of cups of coffee and some time. I'm learning just to sit with it and not let it spiral down into the deeper, darker depths. Having a headache doesn't help, so along with those cups of coffee go a couple of paracetamol or ibuprofen. We're out of both of those though, so I had to take co-codamol—just the 8/500mg over-the-counter ones, but it's still enough codeine to tickle my craving sensitivity. Thankfully there's nothing else in the cupboard for me to take, so I'm safe.

And no, custard creams, I'm not going to eat you, either!

Feeling low and having a headache are times when I often would give in to the sugar cravings to feel better. Maybe some toast and marmalade? Nope, I finished the marmalade and deliberately didn't buy any more. Good shout, Camuel.

Writing this helps me to engage with the day. What motivated me to write though? Simple. I opened my Notion planner and saw that I hadn't ticked the box for writing yesterday. Now, I could ignore it and hit play on another YouTube video, or I could open a writing window and just see what comes out.    

By the way, my friend Ruben asked me this week how I plan my newsletters, and I told him that I just open a browser and start writing. So this is how it goes, Ruben!

That Notion system is helping me a lot right now. It's running my YouTube channels and helping me to align my actions to my values.

Align the what now? What does that even mean?

Well, if you'd really like to know, I talked about it in a walk-and-talk up in the forestry above Lamlash last week, so hit play on the video and I'll tell what my values are and how I'm aligning my actions to them. (Featuring a cameo by Ewan McGregor).  

Talking of the darkness, the weekend was as dark a weekend as I've had in a long time. I'm not going to go into the reasons for that here; maybe later, when the dust has settled a bit.

What helped me through my Sunday, when I got up and felt oh so low? Well, I got some coffee and binge-watched a new docuseries on Disney+, McCartney 3,2,1. It moved me to tears, reminding me that music is life. I've seen a lot of Beatles documentaries, but to hear it from Paul himself in conversation with one of the best music producers ever to have graced our earth? It just doesn't get any better.

Then I asked a friend for a film recommendation, something heavy D. He recommended The Witch, fulfilling my request for a heavy film perfectly. After that, my life seemed positively idyllic. Not a feel-good film at all.

I followed that up with an episode of a TV show that always makes me feel good, Northern Exposure.

So it was a day of consuming good content, rather than making any, but that was okay. I gave myself a pass.