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John Roderick and Alcoholism

John Roderick and Alcoholism

I’ve been following John Roderick’s content since around 2006, when Merlin Mann talked to him on the Merlin Show. He’s co host on a podcast called Roadwork, with Dan Benjamin on the 5by5 network. In episode 151, entitled Chasing the Dragon, John speaks candidly about alcoholism and how the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous program works.

I’ve been attending AA since 2005. My sobriety date is 9 October of that year and, so far, I’ve not touched any alcohol since then. I know it’s a day at a time, and complacency can lead to picking up again.

John explained so well how alcoholism works for him, and it’s so in line with my own experience that I felt compelled to write a post about it and recommend that everyone listen to this episode if you’re of a mind to.

And John, if you’re reading this and you ever make it to Scotland again, let me know for sure and we’ll grab a coffee somewhere. You’re the person living that I’d like to meet the most in the whole wide world!


If you like the podcast, the Patreon show is outstanding. They respond to listener mail in a candid and honest way. It’s one of the best things on the Internet.