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Morning Pages | 10 July 2022

Looking at the slipperiness of habits and planning to get back on track to mental wellness.
Morning Pages | 10 July 2022

It was lovely to be able to write outside this morning. I filmed as I was writing and captured the audio with my binaural mics to let you experience the sound of nature in my local area. The church bells started chiming, which was a lovely bonus for my recording.

Why not try writing your pages as I write mine?

The water you can hear is the sound of the burn in the field over our fence that runs down from the hill we live on.

The topic of today's writing is about how slippery habits can be and how I hadn't really noticed that they were slipping. It's so good to get this down on paper and out of my head, so I get to see what's actually happening as I slide out of feeling well into self-destructive behaviour.  

Today's Pen: Waldmann Edelfeder Broad
Today's Ink: Edelstein Apatite
Notebook: STÁLOGY B5.

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