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Morning Pages | 12 January 2024

Stealing like an artist and standing on the shoulders of giants
Morning Pages | 12 January 2024

I'm experimenting with different content ideas as I go into 2024, and I think it's coming from my feeling relatively well, mentally speaking. The habits I built over 2023 are paying off, and I think that building up my content-creation around mental wellness would keep me in the wellness zone and serve as an example of just how powerful the creative act can be. It has me feeling quite excited, even as I sit here at 10.57 a.m. while my wife has been up working all night to meet a deadline and is still going.  Normally that would cause me to spiral down into guilt and self-pity. I'm growing!

Does the Internet need my hot takes on the podcasts I'm listening to and the books I'm reading? Probably not, but, d'you know what? I'm not bothered. I firmly believe that the creative act is a pathway to recovery and fulfilment, and that I need not be fearful of how my content is received. That makes me feel free to make better content and continue improving as I go, until, one day, my hot takes are actually pretty damn hot! But even if not, the process is keeping me well, and what could be better than that?


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