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Morning Pages | 13 June 2023

Talking through my work problem.
Morning Pages | 13 June 2023

Another beautiful morning on Arran and a Morning Pages writing session outside on the rusty table with some coffee. Bliss. Today's writing was with the Waldmann Edelfeder broad with J. Herbin Hematite Rouge.

Video from this morning

Podcast recommendation

I didn't mention this in my pages, but one of my favourite podcasts is called Fucking Cancelled, hosted by @jaylesoleil and @clementinemorrigan. I don't vibe with all of their politics, but the way that they discussed the tenets of AA in their most recent episode was suberb - one of the best 12-step discussions I've heard. Check it out if you're in the programme or wonder what it's about, especially if you're struggling with 'the God thing'.