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Morning Pages | 28 July 2023

If it was fear and resistance that were holding me back from, coaching, I can deal with that.
Morning Pages | 28 July 2023

A nice outdoor session after a walk through the Whitehouse Woods in Lamlash with Clover the basset.

Today's pen is the Waldmann Edelfeder with Diamine Bilberry ink on a Cosmo Air Light notebook from Pebble Stationery Co.

If you're reading this here, you're on the Ghost site. It costs me money to publish here, but I own it and it has a decent backend. I'm going to continue crossposting to Substack for the network effect, which is actually really good, but there's little else that I like about Substack right now. Sorry - just a whinge!


There are a couple of podcast episodes coming out shortly on my YouTube and in my Quoth the Camser audio feed. Substack subscribers will get the audio through the Substack app, but if you're a Ghost reader and would like to hear it, go ahead and subscribe to Quoth the Camser in your podcast app of choice, or watch it on my YouTube channel.