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Morning Pages | 28 September 2023

Writing every day is vital for my mental health. It's the one time that my ADHD-addled brain slows down.
Morning Pages | 28 September 2023

Another writing session where I was able to move from a low mood to a positive mood. Ah, morning pages. How I love you.

Excuse the ink blobs. I had to refill my pen, and TWSBI nibs aren't great. They're good; just not great. This was the TWSBI Precision F nib with Diamine Blue-black.

In creating the links section, I realised that I conflated two newsletters in my writing. The Joy article I alluded to was from a newsletter I was already subscribed to called Monomythical, by Nadia Asparouhova. The Creativity and Mental Health article was the one that Sara Campbell linked to. It's written by Kathryn Vercillo and her Substack is called Create Me Free.

This is a reader-supported publication. I share my writing (mostly) free in order to show by example just how powerful a daily writing habit is for positive mental health and sobriety. If you like what you see, consider subscribing (free or paid). This allows me to continue carrying the message and helping other alcoholics and addicts to achieve sobriety.