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Morning Pages | 4 January 2024

Coming up with my annual theme for 2024
Morning Pages | 4 January 2024

I like the idea of annual themes way more than resolutions.  Last year's was music, and I didn't really dig into it as much as I would have liked. Two creators have given me a better idea of how to use a theme successfully: Kathryn Vercillo and Myke Hurley. The idea is to find ways to keep your annual theme top of mind, examples such as having the word on your phone's lock screen, or journalling each day about how you honoured your theme. That kind of thing. All great ideas. I'll be listening to episode 150 of Cortex now after having listened to the discussion on The Pen Addict.


TWSBI Diamond 580ALR with J. Herbin Rouge Hematite
Dropping Freya off at the ferry terminal. 😢