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Morning Pages | 5 February 2024

Creativity is the Path to Enlightenment
Morning Pages | 5 February 2024

My brain is bursting with books right now. Did I just not allow books to take over before and now I've found a justification for letting that happen? Is it about escaping the pain of life on life's terms? Another substance to abuse? I actually don't think so—not if I'm clear about why I'm doing it.

So why am I doing it? Knowledge, growth, pleasure, entertainment and CREATION. Yes—this is all leading to creation, building on the shoulders of giants to create something new.

There's a circuitousness to this idea, because the fantasy book I've just read for the third time—Assassin's Apprentice—is the book that led to my belief that creativity is the path to God. It's the first book of The Farseer Trilogy, and I first read it when I was very much in the throes of active drinking. It's interesting that that glimmer of hope should appear through the pain and plant itself, only to grow and evolve as I found sobriety. And now, after 18 years away from alcohol, I get to explore and share that in my creative writing and video production.  It's really cool!


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