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Number 1 in Live Aid Week

Music is good for the soul
Number 1 in Live Aid Week

Another Monday. Weekly review time. What have I learned?

Firstly, I'm pretty decent at procrastinating. D'you know what I ended up doing literally for hours? Making playlists on Spotify of the UK Top 40 from July 1985, then for my birth week, then for Freya's birth week. Okay, so it was the weekend, whatever that might mean in the world of a freelance content creator. But still ... It all started because I Googled what number 1 was in Live Aid week. (It was Frankie, by Sister Sledge).

Was it really a colossal waste of time though?

Actually, I don't think so. I ended up really enjoying listening to the music and having fun. And in this productivity landscape that we seem to find ourselves in these days, there seems to be little room for just having fun, doing something that has no apparent productive value whatsoever.

Music has always been very important to me. I ended up following up my 80s session by listening to a bunch of new music that I found through matched followers on my last.fm profile. And then yesterday, when I finally broke my long spell of not getting out walking, I listened to some tracks from that Live Aid Week playlist and had an absolute blast.

And while trying to find one of the two missing tracks from that week's top 40 on YouTube, the algorithm suggested this video. I watched it and was in tears. So fucking good. See those shots of the vast crowd united in their joy? That. Damn. I'm getting teary again now just thinking of it. Please can we have concerts back?

Seriously, give this a watch and see if it doesn't make you smile. I can almost guarantee that it will, even if you're NOT over 40 😁

Here's this week's video on my main channel. I'm really enjoying the hiking content and I hope that it resonates with you. But even if it doesn't, I'm gonna keep making it anyway, because I really enjoy it.

I also made a guitar lesson this week, so I guess in actual fact it was a productive week after all, despite having a cold for most of it. See! Weekly reviews are totally worthwhile!

Have a great week everyone! Keep pickin' and grinnin'!🎸😁

The Camser