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Morning Pages | 31 August 2023

Okay - positive vibes. Remember?
Morning Pages | 31 August 2023

I had to steer my writing back towards positivity, as it was getting a bit negative. And d'you know what? Making a conscious effort to be more positive really gives me a lift. I know I shouldn't really be surprised, but I am. Such a simple thing can have big consequences for how my morning goes as I move into my day.

Waldmann Edelfeder broad with Diamine Bilberry again, because, you know, joy!

Live Stream

I started today's live stream with today's entry from The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. It's a philosophy that I want to embrace, so this is a simple way of bringing it into my life. I don't read out the authors' takes on the quotations—you should buy the book for that—but I do go into what I get from them. It's something I plan to explore as I read more about stoicism.

I went on to talk about an episode of a podcast that I listened to when I was out with Clover this morning. I've been a fan of On Taking Pictures for many years and no one is more delighted than I to have it back regularly after a long hiatus. This week's episode went deep into what motivates Bill and Jeffery as artists, and when Jeffery spoke about his relationship with money and resistance, I found myself tearing up. I felt so seen and I'm inspired to continue with my creative journey when I listen to content like this. So, Bill and Jeffery, thank you. 🙏🏻