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Too drunk to fly

Too drunk to fly

I was reminded of this by a friend of mine, Dave Skowron of Red Bear Trading, maker of the world's greatest guitar picks. It's another of those crazy things that happened to me while drunk, so I thought I'd tell the story while sitting in a forest above my house.

In other news...

You may not know that I have another YouTube channel. This was going to be the one that took off, but then I did my usual thing of being excited and productive for a while and then stopping. I don't know why I keep doing that. Honestly. I'm my own worst enemy! 🤦🏻‍♂️

I have some pretty good content recorded on my hard drive and I was rather embarrassed at having not published it. So I've started working through it again now and publishing conversations I recorded back in 2019. Most of it is evergreen and so it's not really out of date and it's exactly the sort of thing I enjoy watching myself, so I hope that other guitar nerds get something out of it too.

If you're interested in learning songs, watching live concert footage or watching conversations with guitar players and luthiers, take a look and see if my channel resonates. My latest video is a conversation with guitar collector Chris Stern, recorded at a gathering in Halifax back in September 2019. In retrospect, I should really have filmed some of the amazing guitars that he had there. Next time!