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Morning Pages | 4 July 2023

I had forgotten how fulfilling teaching can be.
Morning Pages | 4 July 2023

Today's a Pelikan M400 day. I could probably get by quite happily with just this pen and the Edelfeder. But shoosh - don't go telling anyone that!

Today's writing is fairly quotidian, but sometimes that's just how it crumbles. But it was nice to consider how good teaching makes me feel afterwards, particularly when I seemed so resentful about it yesterday. Taking personal inventory really is one of the most useful things that I do every day to record discoveries like this that will help me in the future.

Mastermind reminder

I'm not getting caught out with forgetting about a monthly mastermind call again!

Live-streamed practice

And here's what I was talking about with the live-streamed practice sessions that really seem to be a key component in my current wave of guitar progress.

Before you continue to YouTube