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Time Management

How I'm dealing with resistance and managing my time better.
Time Management

Life. It can be pretty challenging sometimes. This might be a bit of a stream of consciousness, so buckle up! I have no idea where it's going to go!

I'm facing resistance. Is it self-sabotage? I don't know. Let's take a look at it.

Some of you may know that I'm building a business as a YouTuber. Or an online entrepreneur? A solopreneur? A digital marketer?

Just how do I answer that dreaded question: so what d'you do?

Someone explained it to me in a clever way yesterday. It's like a monopoly board. If you want people to pay you rent, you want to buy up as many properties as you can. In YouTube, those properties are videos. The more videos you put out, the more chance you have of earning AdSense revenue from Google.

I started building an affiliate marketing channel back in June and it's beginning to get traction. Right now I have 44 videos published and the compounding effect is very visible in my analytics. The views for October were double what they were in September. That gives me the motivation to publish more.


This is where the resistance comes in. I've set myself a goal of publishing 20 videos in November. That basically means five a week. It's now Wednesday of week 1 and I've not published any. What's up with that?

Exactly Cams. What's up with that?

Monday was weekly review and monthly review day. Tuesdays are my bookkeeping days AND I went a long walk this week, something I'm trying very hard to prioritise over sitting at my desk.

Then there are the chores. The seemingly never-ending chores. If I had the revenue to support it, this is one area that I would outsource for sure. But hey, at least there's no more lawn mowing for the next few months, right?

I did choose to spend an hour in bed in the morning reading about Putin's rise to power.

And I chose to spend the evening watching TV with my wife last night - which was really nice by the way. If you haven't watched Detectorists on the BBC, I highly recommend it! It's on the iPlayer.

And today I've got a guitar pupil coming, which means cleaning the house. I've got a dog walk, cooking meals and a Zoom call at 5 pm, when it's already dark which means I have to get out and walk the dogs at 4 pm or it'll be no fun at all.

Right, so that means I have to do some deep work to get my goals back on track and plan how I'm going to get 20 videos out this month by setting times and managing my time better. At the end of the day, it all comes down to time management.  

Okay, to work!

Thanks for listening.